Monday, April 20, 2009

Mantua Town Easter Egg Hunt '09

I know.......same pics as facebook, but this is as close as I get to a journal lately. We love the town egg hunt. It was a little warmer this year than we expected. The news said that it would snow, and it has in the past, but it didn't. Yay! The kids love playing at the park with their pals. Lots of fun. We love having things to look forward to. 1- Addy, Ellie, and Jack after the hunt. 2- Adaline Hope & Ellie Rose. 3- Daisy Sophia & Mia Rose. 4- Jack Larkin Hadfield & his yellow egg. Jack was a little more interested in the fire engine they used to get the egg hunt started than the hunt itself. He caught on after a bit.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jack's Artwork!

"Look at my picture MOM!" Oh, motherhood! Artwork on kitchen counters. He is still so proud of it. Even though it is cleaned up. He still shows me daily where he made a pretty picture on the counter. Gotta love Jack!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daisy's Ear Surgery!

Daisy and her cute ears. When she was born, her ears didn't have any of the folds in them. She was so excited to get them fixed, but it was a little more traumatic then we expected. It was intensified by Jon heading out of town to Augusta and the basement flooding from ground water. I didn't think we would survive, but we did. Hooray! One thing about it that I did enjoy was spending some super one on one time with her. She is such a fun little stinker. *The top photo is with her cute friend Kendall from Logan.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sleeping Kids!

This is what happens when dad is gone and mom falls asleep by Daisy getting her to bed. Sleepy Jack and Ellie. Funny kids.

Ellie Turns 11! What?

Okay. This post makes me feel like a bad mom. Ellie's birthday was on a Friday. The Friday of the Spotlight dance competition. We woke up and had things decorated. Hurried and opened some gifts and then got ready to head out for competition. The pictures are a little out of order. All well. * The bottom one is on her birthday morning. Opening gifts that Jack decided were his. He even put on his rain boots when she opened hers. Everything that happened in between was chaos. Packing, makeup, hair, driving, and dancing until 11:00 P.M. * The middle picture is at the end of the night. Ellie Rose, Daisy Sophia, and Ellie's friend Hannah that stayed with us at the hotel. Tired dance girls. Having a friend made it seem a little more birthday-ish. * The first picture is on Easter Sunday when we finally slowed down enough to have cake with candles on it! It turned into dessert and worked out great. Too bad that Daddy was off at the MASTERS in Georgia. We missed him and he came home the next day. Happy 11th Ellie Rose! We love you!

P.S. Thank you to Grandmas & Grandpas and Uncle Eli & Aunt Christy that hung out at the competition to support Ellie on her birthday. It really meant so much. Too bad we didn't get a little break to go out to dinner together! Love you all!