Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack In His Snow Clothes!

This is what my little Jack had to wear out in the snow on Saturday. What the picture doesn't show are the flowers all over the top of the hat! Ooops. It is Daisy's hat, but its blue and he thinks he looks like a cowboy. It is the only hat he would wear. He also thinks his yellow T-Shirt hoodie is a coat! Although I tried talking him out of the entire outfit, I also know that these are the moments that I will always love and cherish. I am still wondering if I will cherish him smashing Box Elder bugs on my walls with his golf putter. Maybe someday!

Daisy And The Patriotic Program

The Grade School Patriotic Program. I know these pictures are not the best, but I had to post them. Daisy was so excited to sing 'Grand Ole Flag' and wear Red, White, and Blue. She even planned the outfit for the performance and the one that she wants to wear on "America's Birthday". She is so much fun. She practiced her dance every day. The moment that she walked out on the stage that night, she had the biggest grin on her face. And then........when the singing was over a little boy in her class decided it was time to pester her. He truly did all that he could to bother her. He pulled out all stops. It really was so hilarious to us and not to her! One of the teachers had to come and sit by the little boy. He continued to try to reach around the teacher and do all that he could to get to her. When it was over he followed her down the stairs blowing on the back of her neck and her hair. Grade School, Gotta love it!

A Pie From Scratch!

The Cherry Pie that Brandi made!
Okay. Yes, I am super proud and a little embarrassed that this is the first pie that I've made from scratch. My mom signed me up and informed me that I was going to a pie class. I was not too happy at first. However, I do love the little sense of accomplishment I get from doing something new. My brilliant mother also reminded me that we are suppose to continually learn and grow. Does making a pie count? I hope so. Oh, the little things.