Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010


JACK . Lives Every Moment Like It Is The Best Moment . Loved Christmas . Got A Personal Call From Santa To Remind Him To Be Good . Plays . Plays . Plays. Makes Messes That Are Impossible To Get Angry At . Plays Some More . Loves His Big Sisters . Looks Out For Baby Jonah . Sneaks Into Bed With Mom And Dad Every Night . Always Know EXACTLY What He Wants .


OUR JONAH - JO MAN - Sweetest Smile Ever . Sleeps With His Feet Crossed . Hated Christmas Jammie Pictures . FIRST Christmas . Gets Lots Of Love From His Daisy . Loves To Laugh . Does NOT Like To Be Held When He Drinks His Bottle . 6 Months Old And Counting ( Boo Hoo ) . LOVES To Eat In His High Chair . Makes Us All So Very Happy .


I am officially the world's worst blogger! Major update time......notice it is coming right after drill team season and right before studio season....Gotta love it!